Compliance Packaging

Compliance packaging is a great tool for any individual that:

- Takes one or more medications
- Takes medications at various times throughout the day or in varying quantities
- Has trouble remembering to take medications

River Heights Pharmacy offers several compliance packaging options to meet the unique medication needs for each individual. Packaging options include blister packs and numerous dosette formats.

Blister Packs (Bubble packs)

Medications in a blister pack are arranged in a sealed card and contain a full week of medications per card. Vertically on the card are the days of the week (Monday to Sunday) and horizontally are the times of day (morning, noon, supper and bedtime).

Customers using compliance packaging are placed on a refill schedule eliminating the need to phone in for medication refills. Compliance packages will be automatically made and ready for pick up or delivery as per preference. This ensures that medications never run out.


Dosettes are reusable plastic containers for medications that contain a week of medications per package. Dosettes are available in once, twice, and four times daily dosing type. Dosettes have the advantage of sometimes being less bulky (once and twice a day dosing types) and may be easier to carry around.

If a dosette may be a better fit for you, River Heights Pharmacy can assist with the preparation of dosettes according to individualized medication schedules.

Please contact us for a free consultation regarding the best fit for you.